Redwood SAP ERP Job Scheduler Integration

Build powerful end-to-end business process orchestration and workflow automations with Redwood’s SAP ERP job scheduling integration

Bring More Power to Your SAP Job Scheduling


Optimize ERP scheduling and extend SAP system job scheduling with Redwood’s robust functionality.

Fully-Centralized Job Scheduling

Manage complex workload automation across your entire business application and IT environment. SAP jobs, non-SAP jobs, Redwood provides a single point of control over all scheduled jobs, dependencies, process chains, background jobs, and workflow execution.

  • Robust Automation Tools

    Redwood enables event-based job scheduling, file transfers, and cross-platform process automation to automate any job you need.

  • Advanced Real-Time Monitoring

    Redwood offers real-time dashboards and alerts for quick, proactive troubleshooting and visibility across IT processes.

  • Total scalability

    Redwood easily handles large volumes of jobs and complex workflows. Redwood uses load balancing to distribute workloads and enable resource optimization.

  • Built for any environment

    Redwood’s cloud-native automation works across any IT environment, whether it’s on-premises, cloud, or hybrid cloud.

  • Comprehensive documentation

    Redwood tracks and records important information, such as job name, job definition, and job steps to create comprehensive job logs and audit trails.

Event-Driven Scheduling Capabilities


Redwood’s automation platform makes it easy to schedule and run workflows and monitor SLAs.

  • Manage jobs and complex dependencies across and beyond your SAP ecosystem
  • Link SAP workloads critical processes across SAP ERP, SAP HANA(4HANA), SAP NetWeaver, and other SAP processes as well as non-SAP applications, ERP systems, and mainframe
  • Unite your scheduling tools on a platform that supports SAP ABAP and Java tech stacks
  • Redwood’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface makes accessing templates and deploying automated workflows easy for users of any technical background

Frequently Asked Questions

What job types can SAP ERP Job Scheduler implement?

SAP ERP Job Scheduler is well-suited to jobs such as data loads, batch processing, system maintenance, report execution, workflow execution, and background jobs. SAP ERP Job Scheduler is not as suitable for real-time processes, user-initiated actions, jobs outside the SAP ecosystem, and non-batch processes.

Learn how Redwood makes it easy for enterprises to orchestrate end-to-end business and IT processes.

How does Redwood integrate with SAP ERP Job Scheduler?

Redwood integrates with SAP via native connectors or REST APIs. This makes it easy to build, monitor, and maintain end-to-end processes that incorporate SAP events and jobs as well as those from different providers and platforms.

Discover Redwood’s full-stack workload automation integration for SAP ERP.

How does Redwood compare to other automation solutions?

Traditional job schedulers have too many component parts, are unable to meet business needs, and are a hassle to connect to diverse enterprise applications. As a modern workload automation solution, Redwood helps improve IT ops agility and frees your staff from managing unnecessary and repetitive manual tasks. Further, competitors like Stonebranch offer rigid pricing, whereas Redwood’s is more flexible.

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