The Broken Promise of Automation for Accruals, Provisions & Journal Entry Management

Location: The Netherlands , Online

30th of September, 11.00am-12.00pm CEST

It’s no secret your team spends an outsize amount of time on accruals, provisions and journal entry management before the close process even begins. The manual effort involved in execution restricts the time your team can spend performing analysis and becoming a better partner for the business.

What’s a Finance leader to do? From Excel macros to RPA, addressing processes one-by-one through automation has been the longstanding answer. On September 30, finance automation expert Shak Akhtar will share why an enterprise-wide approach can greatly accelerate your progress toward finance transformation goals, while simultaneously eliminating errors, risks, and technical debt.

We will examine exactly why individual point solutions lead to unintended complexity, and you will walk away with concrete steps to immediately improve your transformation strategy.

Join us on September 30th from 11.00am-12.00pm CEST