RunMyJobs How-To Webinar ‘Redwood Script’

Location: North America , Online

22 April 2021, 10.00am - 11.30am CDT

Getting Started with Redwood Script!

If you’ve ever seen our consultants work, you’ve likely seen them using Redwood Script to achieve things that seem like magic. If you’d like to apply some of that magic in your own automation, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss!

In this extended webinar we will give an overview of Redwood Script and what you can do with it, introduce fundamental concepts, and walk through creation of practical scripts you can put into production.

First, we’ll show you how to set up a script editing environment with our Eclipse plug-in for all the benefits of syntax highlighting, code-completion and parameter hinting. Then we’ll use Redwood Script for a simple, useful example: submitting a job, setting parameters and waiting on the status. This basic script can be adapted for many common uses and is a great starting point for more complex scripting.

We’ll also show you how you can use Redwood Script to apply mass changes such as updating email address parameters easily and quickly.

Following those basic examples, we’ll tackle a more complex script that creates Process and Chain Definitions, including how to create a loop within a Chain. This type of scripting is incredibly useful for new projects with more objects.

You’ll also learn how ImportRuleSet replacements can simplify and standardize promotion, and we’ll follow up on our previous Reporting session with a look at the Redwood Script code behind the reports. We’ll wrap up with some other useful examples of scripting for logging.

All code samples from the session will be shared by promoting directly from RunMyJobs to GitHub!

Register today and join this North America customer webinar on April 22th from 10.00AM – 11.30AM CDT.


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