data warehouse management

Gain useful and timely insight from Big Data, anywhere in your enterprise. Fast, accurate process automation in action.  
Automate data pulls from any application or database.
Watch the data pipeline process from a single point as it happens.
Document your continuous delivery process automatically.
Run process flows based on any criteria you define.
Gain complete visibility of real-time progress.
Use automated exception management to eliminate failures.
Ensure security and availability of data.
Balance loads dynamically and intelligently.


Big Data comes with big demands. Your teams must manage growing complexity and get the right data to the right places as quickly as possible. Redwood’s RunMyJobs® scheduling gives you the power to deliver speed, unparalleled scalability and accuracy all at the same time.

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Our project with Redwood paid for itself. It gave us tremendous flexibility and adaptability. We found ourselves telling our business users that 'We can do that!

Business Systems Analyst, French Connection  
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The RunMyJobs service works across your entire environment, integrating directly with ERP, CRM and financial tools, as well as databases and Big Data platforms. Easily build processes that feed into existing ETL, OLAP and BI tools. To find out more about how the RunMyJobs solution can benefit your entire, enterprise download our solution sheet or contact us for a demo.

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