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Cities of the Future Embrace Automation

By Redwood Software

Neil Kinson, Vice President EMEA at Redwood Software discusses architect Jacque Fresco’s vision of a future city; one ‘where material possessions are unnecessary, where buildings are created in factories, and where mundane jobs are automated’.

I have often wondered how we may interact with technology in the future. How will it work? What will machines do for us? I’m not the only one who thinks about this, either. Ninety-seven-year-old architect Jacque Fresco also ponders this future world. In fact, he’s gone way past thinking about it. He’s turned his attention and skill to designing the cities of the future. His visions form part of the Venus Project, a fascinating plan dedicated to solving some of the biggest social problems that face us today, such as global warming, unemployment, crime, violence, poverty, hunger, and the population explosion.

What to Expect

The BBC just ran a story on Tomorrow’s cities: How the Venus Project is redesigning the future. It showcases some of Fresco’s creative ideas. One of his thoughts is to build cities in circles so that getting from one place to another is more efficient and convenient. It’s a great way to save resources that many people have never thought of before. One of the underlying themes of the project is to work and live smart, to improve everyone’s quality of life. Fresco envisions buildings that are made in factories and automation everywhere—serving the needs of everyday people.

Fresco sees the huge potential for mundane processes to be automated, allowing people to focus on more innovative and creative endeavors such as studying at university. Perhaps too far-fetched is his idea that manufacturing will eventually be completely automated, decreasing consumer spending power and ending the need for a monetary system. That’s a bit extreme. Automation can’t replace everything. It’s best when used to supplement human intelligence, not in a vain attempt to replace it.

Automation Today

Of course, that doesn’t mean that automation couldn’t be used more wisely today. The Venus Project and Fresco offer the kind of vision that can inspire any business or IT leader to accomplish more with automation. Just imagine freeing up your valuable staff from mundane, time-consuming tasks like data entry or checking spreadsheets. Imagine how efficient your workplace could be if more people were free to analyze and improve everything they do.

With smart automation you can use your resources more efficiently, which reduces costs and improves productivity. The benefits of taking an Enterprise Process Automation™ approach can’t be ignored. It’s all about providing the support and sheer muscle needed for competitive advantage, without having to extend or overwork your team.

Fresco’s vision for the future is inspirational and vast. But for me, the future is about finding a harmonious balance between automated and non-automated tasks, both at home and at work. In fact, you don’t even have to look to the future for automation – it’s here today. You just have to decide how you want to use it?


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