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While I have only been at Redwood Software for about 12 months, our company is celebrating its 30th year in 2023! Over the last three decades, Redwood has helped thousands of companies automate their most critical business processes, helping to transform their organizations, freeing their valued employees from mundane tasks to focus on bigger, more fulfilling, strategic initiatives.

This is why we dedicate ourselves to unleashing human potential. We even made this foundational belief our company vision, and last year began an effort to revamp our entire brand— from vision, mission and values through to our product offerings, messaging, logo and brand identity. It was time. Technology has changed dramatically. The industry has evolved. The needs of our customers have changed. And so have we. But our branding, particularly our logo, hadn’t for the better part of 25 years.

We want our brand to reflect who we are today—the leader in full stack automation for mission-critical business processes. We got here by being 100% focused on automation. We are the first SaaS-based composable automation platform specifically built for ERP. We provide unparalleled solutions that empower our customers to orchestrate, manage and monitor workflows across any application, service or server – in the cloud or on premise – with confidence and control. Our global team of automation experts and customer success engineers provide solutions and world-class support day and night. Our company is named after one of the greatest living things on the planet—the Redwood tree. It embodies strength, resilience, adaptability and incredible scale.

But our brand identity didn’t convey any of this. It didn’t even suggest it. Which is why we set off on the task of better capturing the essence of Redwood.

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We looked at our branding and determined what elements should be carried forward. Our primary red color was one of those. It’s a nod to our history and our name. It’s a powerful color, helping make our new logo pop and our brand stand out from the crowd. The new logo itself is simple and bold. It has the feeling of automation and precise movement. And it also clearly incorporates elements of a redwood tree with slightly rounded branch ends giving a more organic feel. We liked this for two reasons: it reflects the actual nature of a redwood tree and maybe more important, it makes the logo less rigid, representing the versatility of Redwood automation solutions. It also adds a little sense of art, and we truly believe there is some art to the science of automation. One size definitely does not fit all, which is why we expanded our color palette and fonts for more diversity.

The finished product is a modern and timeless brand reflective of who Redwood is — we are relentlessly focused on full stack automation to give our customers and their employees the freedom and time to imagine and deliver their future. To step back. To get out of the weeds. Take a look around. To see the forest.

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Bryan Urioste

With more than twenty years in the technology industry, Bryan’s career has been focused on identifying target markets, defining product requirements, and building revenue acquisition strategies for sustainable long-term growth.

As Chief Marketing Officer at Redwood, Bryan is responsible for driving all aspects of marketing globally, leading demand generation creation and spearheading programs to deepen customer engagement, strengthen the company’s partner ecosystem, and communicate Redwood’s value.