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Financial Close Automation for SAP

Financial Close Automation for SAP®

Find out how you can achieve a consistent and compliant close in less time, with less effort and fewer resources.

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Shell Success Story

A Fast, Accurate Financial
Close for Royal Dutch Shell

Find out how Shell transformed its financial close into an automated and consistent process.

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Financial Success Story

Regain Control of
Financial Processes

Learn how you can integrate and
automate 97% of your global financial close.

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Dow Success Story

Dow Chemical Leverages Accelerated Close Solutions

Discover how Dow uses SAP® CPS by Redwood to dramatically streamline its financial operations

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Financial Close Automation for SAP®

What will close automation do for you?

Achieve a consistent and compliant close in less time, with less effort.

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Effortlessly Complete a Quality Close Every Time

With Financial Close Automation (FCA) for SAP® you achieve a quality close every time, with far less overhead and effort. You’ll receive accurate results, gain greater confidence in your numbers and free up more time to do post-close analysis. Automated close processes guarantee consistency, auditability and speed.

One Solution – One Consistent Close

With Financial Close Automation for SAP, you quickly eliminate manual activities and, in turn, improve data integrity and close consistency. Whether you complete the close in-house, use a shared service center or outsource, FCA removes 80% of your manual activities and effortlessly coordinates all your close processes.

Improvement doesn't mean a major re-engineering project. Deployment of FCA takes minimal time and effort. You don't even have to stop your current close to improve it. If you already use SAP Financial Closing cockpit, Redwood seamlessly integrates with it providing automation for every step.

Benefits at Every Level

Chief Financial Officer

Trust Your Numbers

If you have ever worried about or were uncertain about your numbers then automation is the solution. With consistent, automated processes there's no need to worry about manual errors or unexpected changes in the process.

Focus on Analysis

Shift the value of your most important finance experts from repetitive manual reviews to valuable strategic analysis.

Corporate Controller

Manage by Exception

FCA gives you immediate notification of any irregularity, full process traceability and exception reporting.

Eliminate Manual Risk

Avoid discrepancies between documented and undocumented processes and stop repeatedly re-running reports for manual review.

Customer Success

Dow Chemical achieved a faster, coordinated and more efficient close across hundreds of subsidiaries. 

Redwood helped Siemens automate and optimize 97% of its critical financial close processes.

Transform the way you run your financial processes. Contact us today.