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  • SAP System Copy Process Automation with Redwood

    Speaker: Matt Colabrese, Solutions Architect and Pam Brown, Director of Services | Approximate Time: 40 Minutes

    Customer Webinar: Eliminate 90% of the Time and Overhead in Your SAP® System Copy Process • Redwood is the Key to a Fast and Accurate SAP System Copy • Learn How to Use Redwood to Automate the Process from End-to-End • Complete your system copy more frequently with less downtime and effort—using a solution you already have

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  • SaskPower: The Power of Automation

    Speaker: Terry Chadwick, Manager SAP Technical Support, SaskPower | Approximate Time: 55 Minutes

    Learn how Saskatchewan Power Corporation is using SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood for the automation of their billing process across more than 467,000 customers, including their legacy batch jobs, and using alerting to handle any exceptions that may occur, and yielding significant operational efficiency gains. You will also hear about the recent adoption of System Copy and future plans to expand their automation to include non-SAP applications as well as their backups.

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  • End-to-End Financial Close Automation for SAP®

    Speaker: Jeff Brown - Director, Solution Architecture | Approximate Time: 40 Minutes

    Discover how Redwood's Financial Close Automation for SAP® lowers operational costs while improving accuracy and speed—with less manual work. See why 85% of SAP users automate their financial close with Redwood.

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  • OGE: The Power in Automation

    Speaker: Rick Taylor and Raj Perumalswamy, OGE | Approximate Time: 36 Minutes

    Learn how Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OGE Energy Corporation) implemented SAP CPS by Redwood to rapidly provide end-to-end job automation for their business processes related to meter reading, billing, dunning, disconnect/reconnect, payments, bill formatting, order processing and collection agencies. In a short time period, this utility that serves more than 750,000 customers automated and connected its meter reading, billing, material handling, HR, Payroll/benefits, FERC, various reports generation, and ETL processes for dramatically improved service with considerably less effort along with a lower cost. See for yourself how they built streamlined and error-free processes across SAP, Oracle, UNIX, and other third party applications for measurable business benefits.

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  • Enforce Reliability and Compliance Through Financial Close Automation

    Speaker: Dan Segura | Approximate Time: 50 Minutes

    Learn how to take the hard work out of your financial close by automating many of the standard SAP transactions. Our Financial Close Automation for SAP® eliminates wasteful manual effort and human errors, which in turn, results in accurate consistent reports, quality assurance and a faster more efficient close. With less manual effort needed to close and total connectivity across all your processes there is no need to translate or watch over each process stage, this frees up your time for more strategic duties. Our discussion will cover how to develop a methodology and document your financial processes. You will also learn how to project and measure the benefits from automation. We will demonstrate the return from financial close automation using multiple actual customer use cases.

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  • Enterprise Process Automation - Providing Real Business Value

    Speaker: Jeff Rauscher | Approximate Time: 48 Minutes

    Getting operations out of the way - Returning ownership and control to business process owners and return IT to being a support organization.

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  • Process Management - Preparing for Automation

    Speaker: Jeff Rauscher | Approximate Time: 38 Minutes

    Learn how you can improve your operational readiness capabilities in support of business operations requirements.

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  • Supercharge your SAP® HANA with SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood

    Speaker: Jeff Brown | Approximate Time: 48 minutes

    In this webinar you will learn how SAP customers use SAP CPS to optimize and integrate critical business and IT processes together with the extremely fast analytics of HANA. Learn how the combination of SAP HANA and SAP CPS ensure data integrity and operational excellence in today's real-world enterprise landscapes -- where multiple systems and applications, both SAP and non-SAP-all work together to support your critical core business processes.

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  • Move Beyond Job Scheduling – Achieving Operational Excellence

    Speaker: Jeff Rauscher | Approximate Time: 53 Minutes

    Move to an operational management by exception environment – Learn how to make your operations more efficient, proactive, predictable, and reliable.

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  • Report2Web Safe Passage Program: Streamlined Report Distribution at a Fraction of the Cost

    Speaker: Alana Zayed | Approximate Time: 13 mintues

    Redwood Software understands how critical the timely processing and delivery of business documents is and how costly it can be when there is a breakdown in that process. So we have developed a proven migration path that allows you to safely and confidently address your report management needs while helping to lower your Total Cost of Ownership: The Report2Web Safe Passage Program.
    View this webcast to learn how Safe Passage can help your organization save money while providing a robust, well supported solution for document archiving and distribution.

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  • Introduction to SAP Central Process Scheduling

    Speaker: Chris Lentz | Approximate Time: 20 mintues

    SAP Central Process Scheduling enables sustainable competitive advantage by constantly managing the complex dependencies between the SAP and non-SAP applications and systems that run your daily business operations.
    View this webcast to learn how SAP Central Process Scheduling enables customers to efficiently manage the increasingly complex technical requirements demanded by real-time business processes. Specifically designed to integrate process automation for SAP and non-SAP applications across distributed and heterogeneous systems, SAP Central Process Scheduling provides a critical, central point of control and monitoring at the heart of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

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  • Enhancing SAP Solution Manager with SAP Central Process Scheduling

    Speaker: Chris Lentz | Approximate Time: 15 mintues

    The latest version of SAP Central Process Scheduling provides unique capabilities allowing SAP applications direct access to scheduling and automation features.
    This webcast describes how SAP Solution Manager uses this capability, know by SAP as the 'Business Automation Enabler' to improve centralized management of your SAP environment and integrate sophisticated process automation into the Solution Manager change management and business process monitoring functions.

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  • Active Process Automation: Introducing Cronacle version 8

    Speaker: Chris Lentz | Approximate Time: 10 mintues

    Hear how the latest intelligent automation technology from Redwood Software ensures the overall health of your process automation environment and offers you the most flexible and cost effective deployment options.

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  • Financial Process Automation

    Speaker: Peter Minck | Approximate Time: 30 mintues

    Hear how Financial Process Automation (FPA) uniquely addresses the mandate placed on finance departments to reduce the number of days to perform the period-end close while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy and compliance in financial reporting.

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  • Enterprise Process Automation

    Speaker: Jeff Brown | Approximate Time: 30 mintues

    If you're having trouble connecting cross-application and cross-platform jobs into logical automation process chains or any of your critical business processes rely too heavily on too much human intervention or time consuming workarounds, then Enterprise Process Automation may be just what you need.

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