Webinar: S/4HANA & SAP BPA

Did you know that SAP BPA is ending support?

With support ending for SAP BPA on December 31, 2024, it seems like you have a lot of time, but you need to move now to minimize your risk. Join us on Wednesday, December 14 at 11 am CET for thirty minutes for this exclusive webinar in which you will learn about the recommended approach to maintain support and minimize exposure.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is the recommended approach: RunMyJobs by Redwood
  • What does it entail: RunMyJobs unlocks many additional features and benefits that we’ll highlight on this webinar
  • Why is this most seamless and risk-free option: More automation, more visibility and control, less effort
  • Why you should act now: Don’t wait until you are no longer supported, it’s too risky


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