International Fashion Group Optimizes SAP Processes with Redwood’s SaaS Solution

Seamlessly moved

from SAP BPA to RunMyJobs


per-connection license fees

Company Overview

Esprit is an international fashion brand with operational headquarters in Germany and Hong Kong. Founded in 1968, Esprit sells high quality, fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories. In addition to a robust online presence, Esprit has stores in more than 40 countries. Esprit prides itself on sustainability and has been a pioneer in “Eco Fashion” since the company launched its first “ecollection” made from 100% organic cotton nearly 40 years ago.

A quick and painless move to RunMyJobs by Redwood

Esprit’s IT team used SAP BPA by Redwood for many years to reliably automate mission-critical business processes such as retail distribution and supply chain logistics. To achieve this, Esprit primarily used SAP BPA to schedule jobs in SAP ERP.

Even before SAP announced the end of support for NetWeaver-based systems like SAP BPA, Esprit knew they wanted to drive more business value with their automation platform. Their IT department was also spending a lot of time and resources to manage the third-party provider that hosted their SAP BPA system. They wanted a way to optimize and increase their IT efficiency while saving on cost.

Because SAP BPA is a Redwood product, Esprit had a simple way to meet their goals: quickly and painlessly migrate to RunMyJobs by Redwood. This way, they didn’t have to spend extensive time training their staff on a new tool because the team already knew how to use Redwood. Esprit could leverage upgraded features, flexibility, and functionality offered by RunMyJobs to optimize their processes. With RunMyJobs’ SaaS-based model, they would no longer incur external hosting costs.

The move was quick and seamless — since it was the same technology, it was as simple as a service pack upgrade. Redwood experts were available every step of the way, offering advice on how to optimize their business processes to take advantage of

There were no delays in the project, everything went as planned. We felt in excellent hands with our consultants from Redwood.” Ingo Bethke, Esprit Europe GmbH

New features and functionality optimized a range of SAP processes

With RunMyJobs, Esprit could take advantage of additional features and connectors that were all included and available after the move. Because Redwood integrates and connects so well with SAP, Esprit was able to orchestrate their mission-critical automated processes across the SAP ecosystem of tools. With Redwood, Esprit was able to fully optimize a range of complex processes—from product distribution to supply chain logistics. Redwood also gave them the tools to orchestrate their automated product and financial data distribution processes.

Future-ready automation delivers a myriad of benefits

When Esprit was paying for SAP BPA to be hosted by a third party, there was an enormous cost involved — plus Esprit had to dedicate a lot of staff time to maintenance. Redwood’s SaaS solution delivered not only reduced costs, but a number of additional benefits. Let’s take a quick look at everything they got after moving to RunMyJobs.

  • Redwood’s usage-based pricing model allows Esprit to only pay for what they use. Because the pricing model is so transparent, Esprit can easily identify ways to optimize their processes to save on cost.
  • With unlimited connectors available in RunMyJobs, Esprit no longer has to pay license fees per connection. This allows them to integrate with more tools, systems, and partners without additional license costs.
  • Maintaining an external three-system landscape had become a big drain on Esprit’s IT resources. Because it is delivered as SaaS, Redwood takes care of all upgrades, and is self-hosted. The IT team can now focus on mission-critical projects.
  • Redwood’s uptime SLA and ability to update quickly and easily minimizes Esprit’s risk of downtime.
  • With Redwood, Esprit has access to timely and actionable support. Without moving to RunMyJobs, Esprit would have lost access to SAP support, and no new features or security patches would be available after 2024.
  • Because Redwood can truly deliver end-to-end enterprise process orchestration, Esprit is able to deliver on business goals faster and with more security and reliability.

With Redwood’s SaaS-based workload automation platform, Esprit was able to unlock new capabilities and features, while saving tremendously on cost and staff time. Esprit is now ready to deliver on their business goals faster—and has the flexibility and reliability to scale for the future.