Redwood Certified
Professionals Program

The Redwood Certified Professionals program validates expertise with Redwood's automation solutions to help professionals highlight in-demand skills and to ensure organizations build effective, innovative teams. It provides you the opportunity to gain a professional edge within the automation market, while addressing your team's need for expert-level resources and increasing the return on your organization's Redwood investment.

Reasons to get certified

  • Validate your knowledge and skills
  • Advance personally and professionally
  • Drive business impact through automation
  • Share your accomplishments and gain recognition

Steps to Get Certified

01. Register

Request Registration and receive access to Redwood University.
*If you are already registered for Redwood University - no need to request registration again.

02. Learn

Complete all prerequisite courses, hands-on exercises and training guides for your role.

03. Exam

Successfully pass the certification exam. After passing, be sure to share your certification accomplishment!