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Integrate IBM AS/400 with RunMyJobs

by Redwood Software

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Leverage RunMyJobs by Redwood’s agentless, modern REST API interface to automate processes, schedule and manage dependencies. Using the JTOpen Java library, RunMyJobs connects and orchestrates IBM AS/400 systems and allows you to include AS/400 as part of a broader end-to-end process automation visibility from a single pane of glass with monitoring and issue/error reporting and remediation.

Key Features

  • Raise events on files and active job statuses of batch jobs in the IBM AS/400 system
  • Submit CL commands against the AS/400 system and run commands as AS/400 jobs (for example DSPJOB), wait for them to complete and determine their return code
  • Activate tracing of the AS/400 connections/commands made by RunMyJobs

Use Cases

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