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To be successful, today’s global companies have to create consistent, risk-proof operations. For IT teams, their role ensuring business-critical data is transferred and processes are completed is central to achieving this goal. By delivering a secure, reliable automation platform, they ensure that the business units can meet their objectives.

Challenges Of SLA Management

Monitoring SLAs is only the first step in creating best-in-class SLA management. RunMyJobs by Redwood takes it to the next level with its predictive SLA management module.

Consistently meeting SLAs — both internal and external — is no easy task. Business and IT processes are complex and always changing. Add to this, many of these processes have multiple interdependent steps and involve disparate systems. This makes it even more likely that they’ll break down or be delayed due to back-end issues. 

All these factors introduce complexities and make it time-consuming for your team. Missed SLAs hurt your organization’s revenue, and the downtime hours can never be recovered — putting you permanently behind schedule.

Additionally, enterprises also have financial or regulatory deadlines. SLAs are implemented to help teams focus on highly-critical processes like these where delays or failures aren’t just a minor inconvenience but have real impact to top or bottom line or to customer experience.

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Impact Across Industries

The need for SLA management spans industries, from retailers and manufacturers to financial services and insurance companies. 

For retailers and manufacturers, they rely on time-critical deadlines for processes — such as when trucks need to be loaded to restock stores, or when the production plan for a factory floor must be ready before workers show up. 

When critical SLAs are missed, customers don’t get their products on time. Sales revenues can’t be booked and the effects roll out through the entire financial operation. 

In production, missed SLAs impact forecasts, inventory, production plans and more. This affects managers’ abilities to know what or how much to produce. Scheduling becomes difficult, leaving machines idle and workers underperforming or needing to be sent home. Without a clear picture of what’s needed, ordering the correct supplies when they’re needed becomes even more challenging. 

These supply chain issues roll out into the retail space, making inventory and resupply information unreliable or absent altogether. Retailers are left guessing about what they need. Ordering blindly means needed items may not be ordered in time or they’re left with unwanted products.

All this supply chain instability leads to unhappy customers and businesses looking at profit losses. Now organizations have to move dead stock at a loss to free up space in their stores. 

For financial services and insurance organizations, they rely on SLAs to ensure they have the business-critical data they need from customers to meet their own internal and external SLAs. Missing milestones stop the flow of data transfers, stalling or generating inaccurate information for all downstream processes. 

This incorrect information can be populated throughout the organization in reports and dashboards, impairing teams’ abilities to make the right decisions. Worst case, important audits and regulatory deadlines can be missed and fines may be levied. Financial close processes are halted, preventing accounting teams from reporting material company information and risking fines. Missing a deadline can negatively impact customer satisfaction or even lead to the termination of the business relationship.

How RunMyJobs by Redwood Helps

RunMyJobs gives you a comprehensive, cloud-native automation platform. Orchestrate all your IT and business processes in a centralized portal, making it easy to monitor workflows and proactively identify issues. 

The platform monitors every process across your organization, looking for issues and missed milestones. If a milestone isn’t completed, RunMyJobs sends out a notification and alerts your team that there’s a problem with the process. 

This empowers your team to take immediate and corrective action, so processes stay on time and the business isn’t negatively impacted. 

With RunMyJobs, you can protect your service level commitments, ensuring that all issues are resolved in a timely manner and that your internal and external SLA agreements are being met.

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