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In mathematics, the idea of ‘bounded value’ generally refers to the notion that there’s a limit to the value of ‘x’. Conversely, ‘unbounded value’ means there’s no maximum or minimum value of ‘x’.

In automation, a similar notion carries through – there’s no minimum value you can extract by using a tool such as RunMyJobs® on a limited set of processes, but there’s also no maximum value, as it scales efficiently for businesses of all sizes and complexities.

While it’s true that the ‘x-as-a-service’ moniker has become the de facto indicator of cloud-based, scalable software solutions, there are still areas where on-premises deployments are more commonplace than cloud.

Automation has traditionally been one of these overlooked areas, missing out on the key benefits of moving to a cloud-based service. As a result, many solutions don’t scale in a linear manner, or provide all the tools needed for businesses to create extensible, reusable scheduling and workload management automations.

Nonetheless, that trend is changing – Markets & Markets predicts an Automation-as-a-Service market of over $6 billion by 2022 – with many customers demanding support for public, private and hybrid cloud environments for all core business solutions.

Here at Redwood, we’ve always known that giving customers this flexibility is the key to providing true unbounded value in an automation solution.

However, rarely in business (or in life) does ‘one size fit all’. Many organizations simply still aren’t ready to move all their scheduling and automation activities to the cloud, which is why we still offer an on-premises version that can either be run as a standalone or in a hybrid IT environment. That way, migration from on-premises to cloud can take place at your own speed, while you assess all the benefits of the cloud to your business.

Yes, this means adding yet another ‘as-a-service’ acronym to the business lexicon. But it’s doing far more than that, too – by unlocking the power to supercharge process scheduling and workload automation in a CapEx-free way, but without bringing the complexity of managing updates and patches.

To see how Automation-as-a-service can make your business run more efficiently, get in touch with us today.

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