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Who do you call when you’re in the middle of a major project to migrate all your SAP systems and you have just two weeks to replace your central job scheduling tool at the same time?

CSM Bakery Solutions was in just that position in April and put out an urgent RFP. The response wasn’t great. Most job scheduling and workload automation companies either didn’t respond at all or said they couldn’t help. That’s when Redwood stepped up with our RunMyJobs® SaaS workload automation.

The background to the project is that CSM’s contract with its outsourcing and hosting partner was coming to an end. The global bakery solutions company needed to migrate a whole suite of 70 SAP systems to a partner-managed cloud, which included operating system and database changes.

As part of that move, CSM also needed to replace its central job scheduling too. It was running Automic’s UC4, which had previously been licensed through its outsourcing partner.

The challenge was to move CSM’s SAP jobs to a new monitoring and scheduling tool for housekeeping jobs in just two weeks – all while running the main SAP migration project.

A key advantage to RunMyJobs is that it’s the only SaaS workload automation solution on the market. This meant CSM didn’t have to worry about provisioning hardware, installing and managing software, or using resources it doesn’t have. This was critical to delivering this fast-paced workload automation migration project within the two-week timeframe.

Redwood’s experience in migrating customers from other job scheduling and workload automation tools also proved invaluable in providing CSM with confidence and a safe path to migration. Not only does Redwood bring a wealth of experience but many parts of the migration process itself are automated.

As a result, Redwood delivered on its promise and had CSM up and running in production in just 10 days and is now providing support and advice on opportunities for further improvement.

In a LinkedIn post, Danny McCarthy, senior manager, global integration and SAP technical services at CSM, praised Redwood’s response and support, saying: “The interaction, collaboration, continuous communication and support was immediate. And they delivered as promised. Not just that, but they continue to deliver, with training and further support and suggestions on improvements. So, thank you to Redwood for everything you have done to help us at CSM succeed.”

Our clients have many things to worry about, but they don’t need to waste any energy worrying about the service that automates their critical processes. We happy to take care of that.  Our commitment is more important now than it’s ever been.

Find out more about RunMyJobs® and find out if you qualify for a free trial here.

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