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Digital business transformation, defined by Gartner as “the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model,” requires organizations to fundamentally change the way they operate to become much more agile. Workload automation as a service, delivered via SaaS, provides critical support for this agility by fully exploiting the attributes of cloud technology.

One of the challenges that comes with digital business transformation is increased complexity due to a hybrid approach in which systems are located in and interoperate across different on-premises, virtual, and cloud environments. Another challenge is the increasing volume of data being created and used by businesses.

Traditional workload automation and scheduling tools – whether on premises or hosted in the cloud – do not adapt well to hybrid environments. They also don’t scale well to the always-on data deluge of digital business. For many workload tools and schedulers, each new process requires a manual workaround to interact correctly with disparate applications across multiple platforms and silos.

These hand-offs are time-consuming and error-prone. In contrast, workload automation as-a-service is designed to work wherever needed—with any application and across any platform in your enterprise. This alone goes a long way to provide the agility needed to automate processes across a diverse, complex enterprise, while handling accurate movement of large volumes of data reliably and accurately.

Workload automation delivered via SaaS also keeps costs under control because they’re designed to be scaled. RunMyJobs by Redwood®, for example, offers a pay-for-what-you-use model, with no limitations on the number of servers or applications to which you can connect.

RunMyJobs features event-driven process automation that executes your unique business logic. If there is an issue in a process, the solution can be configured to automatically determine the next logical step to keep the process going, rather than requiring human intervention. Management by exception becomes the rule.

RunMyJobs also integrates with any application — most via APIs — with any connectors needed included in the single product. This kind of workload automation as-a-service means that users get the full benefit of 99.95% uptime availability without ever having to worry about the networking, storage, servers, operating systems, middleware applications and more needed to deliver it. Instead, they can focus on much more valuable work needed to move ahead in digital business transformation — innovation.

It takes automation to handle both increasing complexity and growing volumes of business data. But it must connect with any platform, application or technology. And it must be easily deployable quickly anywhere in the enterprise – and that’s what workload automation as-a-service offers.

When it comes to digital transformation, workload automation should do the heavy lifting, not the IT team.

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