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Your organization needs to be agile. That means responding quickly to market changes and emerging opportunities, and developing business solutions to address them.

Modern workload automation supports this business agility by enabling the business processes that make organizations more responsive to customers – both internal and external – and meet their increasing expectations around speed and reliability.

There are four areas where automation can provide an important helping hand:

  1. Speed of innovation

    SaaS-based workload automation such as Redwood’s RunMyJobs® makes it easy to build elegant automated business processes.

    RunMyJobs’ low-code graphical editor has an extensive library of templates and wizards that means you can build processes in a matter of minutes. And you can easily create multi-step process chains to execute tasks in parallel, for faster completion.

    The solution supports more than 25 scripting languages and interfaces, and provides multi-tier development, test and deployment environments to enable rapid iteration of processes.

  2. Rapid results

    Getting processes to quickly deliver business results is another area in which the right workload automation can have a positive impact.

    With RunMyJobs you can orchestrate processes and data pipelines seamlessly and in real time. This eliminates delays associated with legacy batch scheduling approaches. Processes can start the moment the relevant data or files are available.

  3. Reliability

    When it comes to process resilience and reliability, two important considerations are an ability to automatically handle complex workflows, and advance warning when important process deadlines are at risk.

    RunMyJobs offers sophisticated process orchestration abilities and branching paths, so processes can take different actions based on conditions or results – not only within the current process, but also across other inter-dependent processes. This reduces the need for human intervention to handle special cases or coordinate separate, but related processes. Instead, RunMyJobs handles it automatically.

    RunMyJobs also includes built-in SLA monitoring to ensure that promised performance of critical business workflows and processes is delivered.

    The SLA module in RunMyJobs sends proactive notifications when processes have missed deadlines or are predicted to do so. This early warning capability enables you to resolve issues before they impact internal or external customers.

  4. A focus on outcomes, not operations

    Lastly, RunMyJobs ensures that operating your automation platform doesn’t get in the way or hinder your business agility.

    As it’s a SaaS solution, the effort and operational costs for automation hardware, software, and on-going updates are eliminated. We manage everything, so you can focus on your business outcomes.

Explore how RunMyJobs can make your business more agile here.

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Darrell Maronde is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Redwood’s workload automation solutions. He has more than 15 years of product marketing experience with on-prem and SaaS software, including solutions for IT and operations.