Redwood technology automates your most important business and IT processes. Our solutions eliminate manual tasks, speed processes and build reliability, accuracy and quality into the critical everyday operations your company depends on.


Cronacle®is our flagship Enterprise Process Automation® platform. Use it to speed up your mission-critical processes by as much as 90% and improve accuracy and reliability.


RunMyJobs® is a pay-as-you-go subscription-based business and IT process automation service that eliminates licensing and infrastructure costs.


SAP® Business Process Automation by Redwood (SAP BPA) gives you the power to connect and automate business and IT processes across your entire enterprise landscape seamlessly from within an SAP product. It's the only strategic automation solution developed as an integral part of the SAP enterprise.


Report2Web® is a web-based document and report management application that captures, stores and converts your disparate content into a common format. It quickly and intuitively automates the most complex information gathering and distribution processes—without the need to change existing systems.

Redwood Options

With Redwood Options, it's easy to automate process archiving, audits, monitoring SLA performance and analytics. You can easily bridge silos between technologies, departments and locations, and control your enterprise securely—from anywhere.

Designed to manage your automation infrastructure end-to-end, the Redwood Management Suite provides consistent service level delivery, superior control, and greater competitive edge.

It includes four powerful modules:

1. Archiving for secure, long-term data retention
2. Auditing for improved visibility and accountability
3. Monitoring for a rules-based monitoring framework
4. Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure business service

Read the Redwood Management Suite Solution Sheet for more details.

With Redwood Insight all stakeholders can see and participate easily in automated processes. It provides your IT and business teams with the self-service visibility and interaction they require.

Redwood Insight Provides:

Complete Visibility

Easy Access

Role Based Management

Intuitive Interaction

Redwood Insight Screenshot
Redwood Intelligence Screenshot

Redwood Intelligence Gives You:

Historical time-series analyses

Analyze trends and report exceptions

Predict completion times

Resource-based analytics

Redwood Intelligence provides historical and predictive analytics as well as benchmarking for any of our Enterprise Process Automation® products – Redwood Cronacle®, SAP® BPA and RunMyJobs. You gain the ability to monitor, diagnose problems and adapt to change. Find out more now.

The Web Services Connector

Our Web Services Connector is a secure, reliable and scalable way to unite and automate legacy and SOA-based processes across your enterprise. Get the most from what you have now and adapt to technologies as you grow. Read more >

Workload Connect Library

Workload Connect Library is a complete library of PerfectFIT, Dedicated, and web services adapters. With the library, you can manage your most complex workload requirements, so all of your enterprise applications co-exist and cooperate efficiently. Read more >

The Oracle E-Business Suite Connector

Automate management of Oracle E-Business Suite workload and achieve seamless process integration across all your applications. Eliminate latency between tasks and accelerate your Oracle-based processes. Read more >

SAP® Business Objects Connector

This is the only automation solution fully integrated with SAP® NetWeaver for smooth business intelligence (BI) process integration. The connector breaks through data silos and improves your data integrity. Read more >

Cronacle Mobile Screenshots

Cronacle Mobile is an innovative mobile automation control application. Together with Cronacle or SAP® BPA, you can actively monitor and manage business-critical processes anytime, anywhere. It's compatible with the iPhone and iPad®, and is available as a free download from the Apple® App Store. Downloading requires the installation of Apple iTunes. Read More >

Features of Cronacle Mobile:

Workload Visibility

Full Functionality

Monitor Progress

Error Notification

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