Automation for SAP® Business Intelligence

Automate and Simplify BI

If you use SAP® NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BOBJ) you know how these solutions can help provide strategic Business Intelligence (BI). You also know how challenging it can be to get the detail information you need from mountains of data and dedicate enough time to analysis.

Successful BI requires an unusual level of coordination between IT processes, technology and business leadership. To support informed decisions, you need to quickly gather information from across your entire enterprise for analysis. To make the most of your SAP investments in BI—and improve their results by connecting them with any other BI solutions you may have—you need Redwood's process automation. Instead of wasting time, resources and money manually patching your complex BI landscape together, you can transform it into real-time decision support.

Redwood Automation Gives You:

Faster Information

Faster Information

Automate entire BI workflows including BI-driven rules-based decisions and actions from any source.

Improved Data Quality

Improved Data Quality

Eliminate manual errors and engineer monitored workflows for accuracy.

Compliant, Connected Processes

Compliant, Connected Processes

Enforce business rules and compliance across applications.

Connect Business and IT Stakeholders

Connect Business and IT Stakeholders

Use role-based interfaces to connect people and coordinate all application environments.

Bridge the Divide

Connect all your systems, tools and data so you can make better use of all of your BI technologies – SAP inclusive.

Enterprise Process AutomationTM

Business Core

  • SAP Business Suite
  • Mainframe
  • Oracle Business Solutions
  • Cloud/Web Services

Information Integration

  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • IBM Information Server
  • Informatica PowerCenter

Information Infrastructure

  • WEB
  • In Memory
  • RMDB
  • Files


  • SAP BW and BO
  • Hadoop
  • Microsoft BI
  • Oracle BI

Automation easily connects and coordinates all of your BI activities

With a single solution, you automatically bring data into your SAP BI landscape, execute steps across your entire toolset, and deliver useful information to the business. You can automate responses, notifications or decisions based on your own predefined rules.

Customer Success

With automation, Grainger delivers its order-to-cash process for over 900,000 catalogue products—including complex BI data collection—in 6 hours every day.

Philips uses Redwood to connect SAP® ERP, CRM and APO together with its other business intelligence (BI) tools for faster, more accurate BI, so that users have the decision support they need.

BSH now has an overview of its 250,000 daily workflows. It coordinates cross-system processes, so that business and IT leaders understand the impact of each step.

Make the most of your SAP investment and get faster, better BI. Contact us today.