SAP® Automation

Speed and Coordination for Your Entire Enterprise

Redwood's Enterprise Process Automation® helps you coordinate processes across your entire SAP landscape and beyond. As SAP's only strategic automation partner we can show you how to eliminate slow, manually dependent and error prone processes that limit your business. Redwood's Enterprise Process Automation® gives you:


Visibility into processes—no matter where they begin or end in your organization.


Integrated and standardized processes—for every application, not just SAP.


Full compliance and governance in process execution—consistent across all activities.


Full process auditability and exception management across your entire enterprise.

Examples of quick-win SAP Solutions

Meter-to-Cash Automation

Automation for SAP® HANA

Business Intelligence Automation

System Copy Automation

Customer Success

Once Dow implemented Redwood automation, it dramatically streamlined all of it's financial operations - including those that use SAP. Hundreds of emailed spreadsheets are a thing of the past, and the finance group can now focus on strategic initiatives.

Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances is one of the largest SAP implementations. Redwood helps coordinate its complex landscape with other applications across more than 30 critical systems to control master data, financial, production, sales, customer service and warehouse processes.

Halliburton uses Redwood automation to control its worldwide SAP production environment with dynamic load balancing, improve virtualization management, and tighten up integration across all applications. With Redwood, the company dramatically reduced downtimes that caused delays in manufacturing, sales and distribution.

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