Replace ASG-Mobius with Report2Web

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Redwood offers a comprehensive, customized solution for converting Mobius to Report2Web. The Safe Passage Program is based on your specific needs and environment—for Mobius replacement.

Report2Web is your Mobius Replacement

If you are paying excessive annual maintenance costs and/or are unhappy with product support, you have an opportunity to evaluate your evolving needs and select the best solution to meet those requirements.

With Report2Web you can:

  • Ensure the security of documents and reports
  • Reduce information distribution costs
  • Streamline business processes
  • Reduce annual maintenance costs
  • Support a rapid response support infrastructure

Report2Web provides all the functionality of Mobius—and more—including:

  • An intuitive web-based interface that is easily adopted by end users
  • Faster search and retrieval
  • Automated retention policy management
  • Comprehensive audit reporting for document access and system activity
  • Automated file format conversions (XLS, PDF, etc.)

Safe Passage Program

The Safe Passage Program for Report2Web is a comprehensive software and services package that supports trouble-free transition from your current report distribution system to the latest version of Report2Web. Start now and see how quickly you can get what you really need.