SAP® Business Process Automation by Redwood

Automate the enterprise for unbeatable results. Uncompromising reliability from SAP. Unparalleled process automation from Redwood.


With SAP Business Process Automation (BPA) by Redwood, you have the control you need to get the results you want. Supported by SAP and powered by Redwood’s industry-leading, event-driven automation, SAP BPA gives you seamless insight and control over your IT landscape.

What you get with SAP BPA

Get visibility across silos and platforms. Better insight results in better decisions.
Precise Process
Realize true automation of your processes with integration across systems and unbeatable error handling.
Redwood provides constant updates and supports full SAP functionality, now and in the future.
Data flows freely with SAP BPA, freeing staff time, eliminating manual intervention and reducing errors.

Now we can work much smarter as we are moving away from running time-based tasks. Today, it’s about the automation of information – the process as a whole – there is no need for any manual work.

Central Scheduling Architect, B/S/H


SAP BPA is available from, supported and validated by SAP, so it works perfectly in any SAP environment. It supports Business Suite, S/4HANA (on-premises and cloud), Business Objects, Ariba Network, SuccessFactors, Concur and more. 

SAP BPA can also integrate with any of your other business-critical systems, including Oracle® ERPs (EBS, Fusion, PeopleSoft), Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow®, Hadoop and virtually all others on the market today. Our unique API-based approach to automation means that you can easily and reliably connect applications and processes wherever needed.

Build automation tasks that are clear and accessible

  • Avoid process failure with dynamic and flexible automation fuelled by event-based as well as time-based triggers.
  • Use a wide range of templates, wizards and reusable objects, making it easy to maintain and extend the scale and scope of your process automation.
  • Create consistent end-to-end process automation in one consolidated system, using the in-built API-based platform.
  • Handle high volumes of activity across multiple systems and applications without compromising reliability, with real-time load balancing and leveling built-in.  

BPA Means business power

Move to the next level with SAP BPA. Achieve smoother operations and better decision making at all levels.
Security uncompromised
Build standardized workflows across every application and platform.
Compliance simplified
Enforce rules and compliance across critical applications.
Reliability realized
Robust reliability and easily supported with minimal headcount, giving a low TCO.
Speed accelerated
Achieve faster processes for top HANA performance in coordination with existing infrastructure. Eliminate manual intervention and resulting delays.
Flexibility prioritized
Get the flexibility your business needs. Deploy where you want: on-premises, AWS, SAP HANA, enterprise cloud.
Control consolidated
Integrate control for all critical applications and business processes. Connect people with role-based interfaces and coordinate application environments.


We deliver robust and scalable process automation that more than 3,000 global customers depend on.