Free staff from the pain of payroll. Document the payment of funds and more, with automation.
Redistribute shared services staff to other high-value tasks
Free staff to service employees, recruit, hire or forecast
Improve visibility across all offices and regions.
 Integrate payroll processes for greater accuracy, auditability and cost control.
 Automate error-correction and remediation.
Expedite HR and payroll reports.


Payroll tends to be a labor-intensive process. Most activities are repetitive, sequential and pre-calculated. While many organizations choose to outsource payroll, if you have kept it in-house, it can be made easier.

To find out how Redwood solutions can help automate your payroll process download our solution sheet. 

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We support 3 million employees globally with payroll services in 188 countries. Redwood provides us with the process automation we need for central governance. It helped us build our enterprise-wide approach we use on a global scale.

 Pete Cortes, Global Automation and Monitoring Director, NGA Human Resources


Automation can take payroll and HR information that was trapped in silos and feed it into the rest of the organization, whether ERP, CRM or BI. Data that was previously inaccessible or delayed can now be accessed in near-real-time.

And as concerns around privacy grow, businesses need robust systems to protect employee and company data. An automated process means every action is logged and archived.


Better business management requires good oversight of where your company gets its best value for money – and where it doesn’t. 

The payroll process requires people, time and money to be done correctly. Redwood automation solutions help you do it right, free staff to deliver more value, and enable better and faster reporting.

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