Orchestrate Workloads End‑to‑end Across Your Enterprise with IT Automation from Redwood

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Seamlessly schedule, monitor and manage IT and business processes across any system, application, and data source 

  • Automate Anything Anywhere
    Automate any on-prem and cloud application with unlimited connectors and no additional licensing.
  • Build It Once, Use It Everywhere
    Eliminate duplication, ensure consistency, and reduce errors with reusable job steps, sequences, and calendars.
  • Reduce Manual Intervention
    Make processes resilient with intelligent self-healing that prevents errors or resolves them automatically. 
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Cloud-Native IT And Business Process Automation

Redwood’s cloud-native SaaS workload automation brings enterprise IT and business processes together, seamlessly. With Redwood’s solution, IT teams can schedule and run event-driven workloads, and manage file transfers and data.

Redwood  orchestrates across ERPs, data warehouses, applications and other automation tools like RPA.

Reduce manual effort and give your organization better operational visibility and control, new efficiency, and higher performance in modern hybrid IT environments with a single solution through Redwood.

SaaS Process Automation and Orchestration


Automate any application using out-of-the-box connectors, included without additional licensing


Eliminate the complexity, costs and endless maintenance lifecycle for automation infrastructure


Protect your processes and data through full encryption and a security-first, single-tenant design


Easily expand your automation with Redwood’s pay-for-what-you-use pricing plans

Automate Anything, Anywhere

Any Application, Any Service, Any Server

Redwood automates across any application, service or server, no matter where it’s hosted. Orchestrate legacy on-premises applications, modern web services, and containerized cloud servers from one system with a single pane of glass.

Use Cases

Hybrid Cloud Automation

Seamlessly automate on-premises and cloud applications, OS activity and web API interactions

ERP Automation

Orchestrate processes with business logic that links critical ERP transactions and ensures data integrity

Data Management Automation

Coordinate ETL and data management and provide real-time data feeds to dashboards and BI tools

Managed File Transfer Automation

Securely move, copy and manage millions of files per month from anywhere to anywhere

IT Process SLA Monitoring

Get proactive notification on declining performance or delays for any process you choose to track

Self-Service Automation

Build consumable automation services using native SOA APIs, web forms and email for user-friendly self-service

Web Service And Microservice Automation

Incorporate REST or SOAP web services into your processes in minutes with simple web service API wizards

DevOps Automation

Orchestrate your CI / CD processes and tool chain from build to release and post-deployment monitoring

Award-Winning SaaS Workload Automation

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Best WLA SaaS

“EMA believes Redwood to be the best WLA SaaS offering available … it is the only one purpose-built for that delivery model.”

G2 Leader

G2 named Redwood the highest designation of Leader in the Workload Automation category for Spring 2021


Cloud-Native SaaS

Single-tenant cloud architecture with zero-effort maintenance and guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

Low-Code UI

Drag-and-drop graphical editor with extensive library of included templates and wizards help you build processes in minutes.

Build Once, Use Everywhere

Create or choose from a library of process steps, sequences, and calendars that can be reused and shared across multiple processes.

Extensive Scripting

Support for more than 25 scripting languages and interfaces including Python, R and PowerShell with built-in syntax highlighting and parameter replacement.

Event-Driven Triggers

Schedule or run processes in response to real-time events, files, data or messages for time-critical applications.

Conditional Logic

Make processes resilient with intelligent self-healing that prevents errors or resolves them automatically.

Monitoring and Reporting

Real-time status overviews, dashboards and visual progress of every business process end-to-end in a single pane of glass, plus an integrated report builder.

Automation Lifecycle Management

Integrated source control, rollback and audit trails enable complete lifecycle management of your processes.

Predictive SLA Monitoring

Guarantee performance of critical business processes with built-in predictive SLA monitoring.


Comprehensive security including TLS 1.2+ encryption, ISO 27001 certification, integrated SSO/SAML authentication, and highly-granular user permissions.

Governance and Compliance

All automation and user activity is logged to ensure compliance with governance and auditing policies

We saved 84 man-hours – that’s 10.5 days a quarter when our specialist can work on other projects. Redwood is business critical. I really wonder how other enterprise businesses can manage without it.

Hans Jansen, Senior SAP Basis Specialist, Epson

Support and Services

24x7 In-House Support

Redwood’s in-house automation experts provide enterprise-grade, follow-the-sun support and are ready to assist and resolve issues quickly.

Migration and Onboarding

Our team ensures a smooth, safe and fast transition to Redwood and a proven methodology that streamlines migration.

Consulting and Services

We can help implement best practices, perform health checks, and advise on how to get more value from our solution.

Redwood University

Develop and extend your skills and expertise on Redwood’s software with online training to match your role and level of experience

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