Never Average

Our people are keen to take ownership, do things differently and make an impact to our business.

Our Approach

We’re owner lead but people managed. Everyone’s input is valued and we all work together to achieve goals.


We create opportunities for every member of our team to explore and realize their potential.

Social Fun

Our friendships spill into a range of social occasions from sports events to company holidays.

  • “At Redwood you feel you are truly getting something done.”
  • “It's all about the team work. You get to touch all points of the business.”
  • “We speak to our customers and adapt to meet their needs to deliver real benefits.”
  • “What makes Redwood unique is its culture, creative ideas and product innovation.”


CEO & Founder

I founded Redwood in 1993 with a couple of friends with the ambition to build a great company. Now more than 20 years later, looking back at what we have achieved it's amazing to see how much there is still to do. Our ambition creates a never ending stream of challenges that need talent to tackle them. If you get excited by the prospect of a continuous challenge and are full of initiative then we are for you. Have a look at what we are looking for and I look forward hearing from you! I can promise you one thing at Redwood you will never be bored..