WEBINAR: Succeed with a Holistic View of Automation

Location: online | webinar

May 28, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Central European Time

Join guest speaker Chris Gardner, Senior Analyst, Forrester, together with John Fitzsimmons, Technical Program Manager of Whitbread PLC in this informative webinar. Chris will examine the dangers of silos of automation as they exist in organizations today. He will offer insight on how to avoid these problems using The Forrester Automation Framework.

Whitbread is an organization with more than 50,000 employees supporting thousands of hotels and restaurants around the world. The company relies on automated tasks to support a daily cycle of core stock ordering, financial transactions, human resource management and logistical systems to keep moving ahead. Keeping these processes fast and flawless requires a relentless eye for continuous improvement.

Recently, the Whitbread technical team evaluated its automation landscape and determined that a holistic, enterprise-based approach would serve them well. John will tell the story of how Whitbread applied this new perspective together with Redwood’s RunMyJobs® service delivered through the cloud, to bring their complex enterprise into greater visibility, scalability, control and efficiency.

Learn how Whitbread…

  • Consolidated automated processes from two legacy schedulers into one leading solution

  • Deployed 11 phased and grouped migrations—with zero interruptions to daily business

  • Simplified processes and supported ongoing improvements using the visual process editor

  • Effectively managed outsourced resources for greater efficiency—with automation


This event, hosted by Sheila Badoux of Redwood Software, features:

  • John Fitzsimmons, Technical Program Manager, Whitbread PLC

  • Chris Gardner, Senior Analyst, Forrester


About Chris Gardner

Chris serves infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals as they face the unique opportunities and challenges of automation, infrastructure-as-code, and the software-defined data center.


This webinar will start May 28 at 16.00 (Amsterdam) | 3.00pm (London) | 10.00am (New York) |  07.00am (Los Angeles)

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