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Is Your Head in the Clouds?

By Redwood Software

As Dutch regulators clear Amazon’s cloud for use by financial institutions, Neil Kinson, Vice President EMEA at Redwood Software,discusses why more European companies should catch up with our US counterparts and realize the benefits the cloud has to offer

The recent Register news that Dutch regulators intend to use Amazon’s cloud across financial institutions is just one example that shows confidence in the cloud is building. As authoritative organizations that carry sensitive data turn to the cloud, surely others will follow. So what’s changed? What sort of business benefits can you achieve with the cloud?

A Cloud Divide

We recently conducted research into cloud adoption to find out exactly what the landscape looks like. The results show that 35% of UK businesses are already using the cloud for private data storage, as opposed to 58% of US businesses.

US businesses are more positive about the benefits of the cloud, naming “improved agility in supporting business needs” (71%), “faster ROI” (57%) and “reduced labor costs” (45%) as their top benefits for adoption. This is compared to more restrained UK figures of 47%, 36% and 29% respectively.

The Storm Lifts

It’s great to see organizations recognize the benefits of the cloud. In the past, many of you have been skeptical of it because of security concerns, but times are changing. Today the cloud offers ways to guarantee greater security than ever before. A recent Microsoft study shows 94% of small and midsize companies actually gained security advantages such as up-to-date systems, current antivirus and spam email management, when working with the cloud.

Cloud service providers like Redwood also offer peace of mind when it comes to the security of your data. When automating processes, all of your critical information and data stays put, safely behind your own security systems. The automation of your tasks doesn’t happen in the cloud but wherever your data is kept. We only use the cloud to send instructions to your data.

Cloud Benefits

Adoption of the cloud will continue as more organizations look for better ways to engage customers and improve businesses processes. The cloud enables fast implementation and scales quickly. There’s never any hardware to install, and cloud applications are generally easy to use, maintain and upgrade. The cloud will help you get the most from what you have now, and grow to fit the future.

In addition to the time and cost savings you receive from working in the cloud, today you can be assured of its security as well. So it’s time to start raising your game – onwards and upwards to the cloud.

What business benefits have you seen since using the cloud?

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