Redwood technology automates your most important business and IT processes. Our solutions eliminate manual tasks, speed processes and build reliability, accuracy and quality into the critical everyday operations your company depends on.


Cronacle®is our flagship Enterprise Process Automation® platform. Use it to speed up your mission-critical processes by as much as 90% and improve accuracy and reliability.


RunMyJobs® is a pay-as-you-go subscription-based business and IT process automation service that eliminates licensing and infrastructure costs.


SAP® Business Process Automation by Redwood (SAP BPA) gives you the power to connect and automate business and IT processes across your entire enterprise landscape seamlessly from within an SAP product. It's the only strategic automation solution developed as an integral part of the SAP enterprise.


Report2Web® is a web-based document and report management application that captures, stores and converts your disparate content into a common format. It quickly and intuitively automates the most complex information gathering and distribution processes—without the need to change existing systems.

Redwood Insight delivers process continuity to your business so processes can keep running despite potential interruptions. Why spend time firefighting problems when you can identify them beforehand and prevent them from happening?

Be proactive rather than reactive!

Predict problems before they occur.

Control processes to eliminate problems.

Quickly adapt to change.

Analyze data for ongoing improvement.

Currently, your existing automation platform monitors all of your processes at the end phase. With Redwood Insight, all business and IT stakeholders have the visibility and control they need to view and participate in the automation process as it happens and make corrective decisions before it's too late.

Redwood Insight Provides:

Visibility You can see what's going on.

Control You can adapt to changes.

Governance You can enforce consistency.

With Redwood Insight you also receive Platinum Support and an Annual Process Review. Platinum Support provides 24/7/365 direct access to Redwood's highly skilled support technicians for quick and effective solutions to any performance problems across your process automation environments. The Annual Process Review ensures that insight is properly configured and fine tunes your mission-critical processes to guarantee that your business continues to run efficiently. Find out more now.

Redwood Intelligence

Redwood Intelligence Screenshot

Redwood Intelligence Gives You:

Historical time-series analyses

Analyze trends and report exceptions

Predict completion times

Resource-based analytics

Redwood Intelligence provides historical and predictive analytics as well as benchmarking for any of our Enterprise Process Automation® products – Redwood Cronacle®, SAP® BPA and RunMyJobs. You gain the ability to monitor, diagnose problems and adapt to change.
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