Redwood RPA – The best kept secret

By Simon Shah, Chief Marketing Officer, Redwood Software

With winds of over 100 MPH, Hurricane Matthew has just battered the Florida coastline. That after leaving a trail of devastation in its wake across Haiti. Many meteorologists would call it the perfect storm. A meeting of weather systems that blend together to deliver a powerful concoction of wind and rain. Of course with a storm of this magnitude that stuns the world, you can’t help but notice it.

But what about those storms that start small and over time just seem to get bigger and bigger? They don’t seem to make it on to the radar for some reason. In fact, in little old England and further abroad, there’s a quiet storm brewing right now. Actually to be fair it’s been brewing for the last 20+ years. So it’s not really fair to call it quiet anymore. For with the meteoric rise of RPA and all the media hype and attention surrounding it, the best kept process automation and robotics secret is now rapidly becoming, for those who can actually see the wood for the trees, the most joyous discovery.

You see as the industry waxes lyrical about RPA and its inherent ability to eradicate manually repetitive and rules based tasks in a process to make it more consistent and efficient, Redwood Software is taking things one step further. Changing the playing field forever. Don’t think RPA. That’s so last season. Rather think Redwood Robotics (RR)™. It’s kind of RPA on steroids, or as we’d like to put it, the evolution of RPA.

The differences? Well they are quite marked. It’s Digital versus Analog robotics. Robots that communicate directly with the ERP and other business applications, rather than the user interface. Robots with process know how that need to be configured, versus generic robots that need to learn to mimic human actions in a process. Robots that are infinitely scalable without having to add extra desktops, versus those that are limited by a virtualized desktop infrastructure. And last, but not least, it’s all about robots that can deliver 70-100% automation time after time, versus those that can only deliver 10-30% automation.

But the benefits of RR versus RPA don’t end there. Not only are Redwood’s process robotics solutions considered by independent analysts to be vastly superior to the majority of others in the marketplace, but other points of difference extend to how the robots are managed and orchestrated, maintained, provided with instructions and as mentioned before, scaled.

RR’s appeal is that the solutions are designed to be used by business rather than by IT programmers. In fact, it is more accurate to say that users configure the software robots rather than program the robots. That’s why we are now beginning to bring others up to speed with the Robot Workflow, or basically a set of instructions for all robots that are part of a process such as the period end close.

To start the process, this Robot Workflow is activated by a business user with one single click. From there on, the robots handle escalations based on deadlines defined within the Robot Workflow, which are then monitored and the appropriate people alerted before a deadline is breached. But that story is for another time.

Right there. We’ve said it. The best kept secret is out. The cat’s out the bag. RPA doesn’t really seem to hold a candle to RR. So the question remains, what are you going to do with this new found information? Share it? Or just keep it to yourself? That decision is entirely up to you.  


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