How RPA can turbo-charge your digital ops

By Neil Kinson, Chief of Staff, Redwood Software

Agility shouldn’t be a business trait reserved for fledgling start-ups. Some of the world’s largest and most successful companies are among those that respond most swiftly to changing market conditions and the opportunities that new technologies can offer.

Digital operations, at its core, means ensuring your organization makes every effort to modernize the way in which it does business, through continual assessment and integration of new technology and innovations where appropriate.

The end result of such initiatives can be truly transformative from a customer service perspective and a key driver to improve efficiency across the entire business… but only if you can successfully remove the reliance on manual, repetitive labor.


An obvious solution

RPA is a natural fit for any part of a digital operations project. Robots carry out repetitive tasks faster and more reliably than a human, while also reducing the number of errors that take place during those processes.

Moreover, because advanced RPA solutions can also provide integrated compliance and audit tools, automation is a solution that can truly take care of most of the ‘heavy lifting’ required for organizations’ digital operations.

However, implementing a solution that relies too heavily on the UI and is therefore susceptible to be ‘broken’ by software updates is a counterintuitive solution for widespread automation. Reliability is paramount when the goal is to support digital transformation.

At Redwood, we provide numerous integration options for automation. While we can automate at the UI level we far prefer to do so at a process level. This way, customers get all the benefits of RPA but without the Achilles Heel of UI-based integrations, unless absolutely necessary.

The Redwood Robotics solution serves as the digital glue that connects disparate platforms and processes, ensures compliance and turbo charges efficiency for the lowest possible total cost of ownership. 


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