How robotics helps digital transformation through hybrid automation

By Shak Akhtar, Global SVP Robotics Solutions, Redwood Software

Digital transformation has been a hot topic for several years now but behind the buzzwords, a natural evolution has been taking place across disparate departments for decades. The difference now is that the pace of these developments is increasing. That leads to more pressure on IT departments to keep up with evolving changes to business processes.

A huge part of the digital transformation for many businesses now involves moving services and processes to the cloud for increased scalability, reduced costs and the myriad of other benefits that moving to cloud-based infrastructure can unleash.

But there’s a problem. Often businesses need to maintain legacy or specialized on-premise systems that serve specific functions that can’t be replicated or transferred elsewhere. What results is a patchwork of on-premise and cloud-based processes that requires either significant human oversight to orchestrate or a regimented, inflexible schedule of processes. 

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. It’s not a binary switch from one way of operating to another, which is why many organizations have an increasing number of hybrid environments to manage between the cloud and on-premise IT.

Traditional automation of this on-premise and cloud-based environment requires human hand-off, oversight and a series of complex schedules to manage. And more importantly, it relies heavily on UI-based integration, which puts businesses at the mercy of third-party changes or updates over which they have no control.

Robots to the rescue

It’s not just that automation improves efficiency, decreases errors and reduces process latency – it’s that these benefits are built into the aims of any overarching digital transformation strategy. With a focus on digital transformation not only are you delivering better customer service but also delivering what the customer actually wants from you faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

Think about what happens each time there’s an unexpected spell of hot weather. Customers flock to shops in the expectation that there will be fans available to buy. In 2017, people’s expectation of immediacy and responsive retail is higher than ever. Delivering against that expectation is an incredible logistical challenge for retailers but one that can be almost entirely automated through advanced robotics. 

A truly robotized approach understands every step in each process, rather than just executing according to an overnight batch schedule. By ensuring that core processes can be delivered uninterrupted regardless of where they’re located, the benefits of digital transformation across an entire organization can be realized – and in the example above, retailers can get fans on shelves any time they’re needed.

Automation and robotics are the digital core that allows traditional, legacy-laden businesses to turn themselves into responsive, digitally transformed organizations with fully orchestrated, location-agnostic processes.


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