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SAP® System Copy Automation

SAP System Copy Solution Sheet

SAP System Copy Solution Sheet

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Count On Redwood for Your System Copy

A reliable SAP system copy process is critical for your enterprise. If it requires significant manual effort or takes too long, it slows down testing, development and production system performance, which can be expensive and risky.

An accurate and efficient system copy process requires process automation. Redwood's SAP System Copy Automation eliminates manual intervention and delivers the accurate and secure system copies you need every time. It works seamlessly with your entire environment...

System Copy Automation Helps You:

  • Save as much as 90% in time and overhead cost
  • Support standard processes end-to-end, including pre- and post-copy tasks
  • Automatically monitor systems to detect and correct storage threshold breaches
  • Improve the copy process, speed, integrity and reliability
  • Significantly reduce necessary management oversight
  • Save export/import processes as templates
  • Automatically implement SAP Best Practices with each system copy


SAP system identified for copy


Automated pre-copy requirements

Core DB copy

Core copy


Automate post-copy requirements


Copy of SAP system available for use

SAP System Copy Automation gives you speed and accuracy at every step of the process.

Customer Success

Universal Music Group (UMG) uses automation for its SAP system copy process and to protect business-sensitive data. The system copy process previously took six to eight days to perform. It originally required many manual tasks to run across three different departments, which was at constant risk of delays and errors. Now UMG enjoy a fully automated process that runs faster without manual oversight. It automatically notifies users on the current status of the copy process.

Save time and money. Automate Your SAP® system copy today.