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Why Automation in the Cloud?

It’s been a few years now since “the Cloud” entered common speech among IT and business professionals. Since then, cloud computing has grown in every industry as a way for companies to easily access infrastructure,  platforms and software applications over a network—particularly through the Internet. Cloud computing realises the dream of computation as a public utility that benefits everyone. Through cloud computing, Internet giants like Amazon provide agile, efficient service with virtually no interruptions—using a fraction of the resources required without cloud technology.

Clearly, cloud services have big benefits. Companies don’t have to worry about building additional infrastructure to support them. Applications and platforms delivered through the cloud are updated automatically and keep business moving forward. Cloud services can also be delivered on an “as needed” basis, too, aligning costs of operation with actual use.

Here at Redwood we’ve helped our customers automate cloud services and virtualised resources on a regular basis. We’ve helped customers automate processes that include cloud resources connecting applications, storage and platforms. But what would happen if we took the automation engine itself and offered it as a service delivered through the cloud?

That’s when RunMyJobs—the only process automation service delivered through the cloud—was born. Most cloud technologies base their benefits on availability (access anywhere, anytime) and the elimination of licensing fees or hardware expenses. Automation through the cloud offers all of this, too.  However, RunMyJobs offers customers even more. It does something unique. As an automation service provided via the cloud, it enables customers to both apply and control process automation anywhere, anytime. This is a game-changer for cloud services and automation.

Now, companies can apply and control process automation easily and quickly throughout their enterprise (and even outside of the four walls of their traditional enterprise). Rather than just accessing applications, infrastructure or data, business and IT professionals can now build in automation that is easy to implement, change and expand. Since it’s provided as a service without having to install and maintain a large software footprint– just small, low impact agents–RunMyJobs makes process automation much simpler to manage and use.

According to a recent report by Forrester analyst James Staten, “The whole value of cloud computing is tied to areas of IT that can be standardized, automated, and shared among multiple constituents.” It’s obvious that automation itself is a great place to use the cloud for maximum value. Have a look at to find out more.

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